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Congratulations to Jori Chisholm on his success at Winter Storm 2014 -- First place in the US Gold Medal for Piobareachd and Runner-up in the North American Ceol Beag event.

Jori was competing with our Legacy model and Atherton Bagpipes is honored to be a part of his prize winning sound.


Congratulations to Alan Bevan on his 2013 Gold Medal win at Oban. Alan competes with our Premier model and Atherton Bagpipes is honored to be a part of his world-class sound and musical expression. In 2008 Alan won the Inverness Gold Medal playing a one month old set of Atherton MD's. We wish him continued success.

Alan Bevan

Master Pipe Maker Dave Atherton's reputation as a premier creator of individually hand crafted Great Highland Bagpipes is rooted in a pipe making lineage dating back to the Robertson line of pipe makers in Scotland.

Atherton Bagpipes represents the pursuit of excellence, knowledge, and experience -- creating instruments using traditional and proven techniques. Atherton Bagpipes are known for both the unsurpassed quality of sound and exquisite old-world craftsmanship.

Dave recalls working seven days a week for many years mastering every aspect of the craft. His reputation grew through the world of pipe bands and competitive pipers as some of the most serious and discerning musicians were using pipes made by Dave to enhance their own reputations. Atherton bagpipes have been played successfully at the highest levels of competition -- including the Gold Medal, Clasp, and World Pipe Band Championships.

In 2001 he worked to develop the "Heritage" line of bagpipes and the "Medallist" chanter, well recognized and highly regarded as top-of-the-line brands in the worldwide piping community. Dave also uses his technical skill in restoring classic pre-war and late 19th Century pipes.

With personal pride, relentless dedication to quality, time-honored skills and no compromising in materials or workmanship, Dave has reached the pinnacle of his profession.